Ausiello – Sawyer Makes Out And Casting News

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Here is the latest from EW’s Ausiello, I sense several comments about who Sawyer might kiss??

There is also an interesting casting tidbit for a recurring role which Jeff Jensen speculates could be Jacob?


Question: Lost? Anything? — Bia

Ausiello: Sawyer and a female character whose name isn’t Kate will make out this season.

Question: Tonight’s the night! Lost returns! I think that calls for some exclusive scoop! — Sam

Ausiello: You’ll get no argument from me! A Lost insider tells me that Team Darlton is very quietly looking for an actor to play a “younger Phillip Seymour Hoffman-type” for a smallish arc this season, and a much bigger one next. What does it all mean, Doc Jensen? “My guess is they want the Phillip Seymour Hoffman from Synecdoche, New York, because thematically, that trippy movie is very simpatico with Lost. I’m thinking he’s some kind of Dharma mastermind, or maybe Jacob — the true man behind the curtain directing the crazy stage play that is Lost.” Once again, he took the words right out of my mouth! Speaking of Lost, I implore you to check out our award-worthy “Totally Lost” section, featuring (among other things) Doc J’s exclusive, multi-part video Q&A with Team Darlton.

Source: EW

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