Episode 5X04 The Little Prince – Bts Set Video

**UPDATED** Thanks to Paul for the Korean translation posted below.

Episode 5×04 The Little Prince – BTS Set Video
Hey All,
Here is a BTS (B-Roll) set video from ABC. It is a behind the scenes video by someone with the crew and looks like something that would be in the bonus section of the DVD.

I have not watched the whole clip, but scanned it quickly and it seems like a couple of scenes at the marina which I believe is set up either as Long Beach or Marina Del Rey here in Los Angeles.

Ben, Sun, Jack, Sayid and Kate are all apart of the filming.

Sun says in Korean,
“Hello? I am still in L.A. The work is staying long than I thought. Mommy found and meet a friend in America to introduce for Ji Yeon. His name is Aaron.”


Thanks to DocArzt

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