Jorge Garcia Interview

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SITV.COM: Last season, the Lost writers explored Hurley’s darker side. Last time we saw Hurley, he was escaping from a mental institution with Sayid, seriously confused about the fact that dead people are always talking to him. What’s next?
JG: We pick up right where we left off: Hurley’s leaving with Sayid, because he’s in danger. Beyond that, this season he is going to work himself out of that dark place. What I can say is that he has some obstacles to returning on the island that he’s going to have to figure out.

SITV.COM: Hurley’s going to try to get back to the island with the other Oceanic 6. Given his string of bad luck and mental problems off the island, do you think he’ll ultimately stay on it?
JG: More and more, I’m beginning to lean toward him staying on the island at the end. I think we’ve seen some things, including the fact that he can see Jacob’s cabin, that alludes to him having a lot of potential to do more on the island. We haven’t seen yet all that he can do.

SITV.COM: Hurley sees dead people: He chats with Charley and plays chess with Mr. Eko. Do you believe in ghosts or have any superstitions?
JG: I remember being told not to talk bad about dead people because at night they would pull your toes. I got that from my grandmother.

SITV.COM: Speaking of family, just how did a Cuban-Chilean kid come to be born in Omaha, Nebraska of all places?
JG: My mom escaped from Cuba in the 1960s and they moved around a lot and somehow ended up in Omaha. That’s where she met my dad, who is Chilean and was there working for a medical center.

SITV.COM: Do you cook Latin food?
JG: Earlier on in the show, when one of us in the cast had an episode that centered on us, we would host a viewing party. When it was my turn, I sometimes made rice and beans before, pork tenderloin (lomo de cerdo). It was popular!

SITV.COM: What’s your favorite Hurley moment of all time?
JG: I love this scene that never made it to the show, but has a line that got used in another way. It was Hurley and Jack on the beach and I was supposed to run, and I say, ‘I’m pretty spry.’ It made it after all, in a scene where we’re in the jungle and there’s a booby trap, I say the line.

SITV.COM: I loved that scene, because I sometimes felt like the show included a few too many jokes about Hurley’s (and your) weight. And I always thought, no there’s much more to Hurley than that. That line vindicated him.
JG: Thanks. I definitely think that they sometimes overdo it with the snack jokes. But I don’t write the scripts.

SITV.COM: Hurley is a pretty positive guy. Are you that way too when it comes to life and career?
JG: I always think that if you surround yourself with positive people, you will be a positive person. Someone told me that in this business is 90 percent getting along with people.

SITV.COM: What’s the weirdest fan encounter you’ve had?
JG: I just got a fan letter from a guy who told me that his life was in danger. He told me he had met [series creator] JJ Abrams and [series star] Matthew Fox at the 1996 Bill Clinton inauguration and that Abrams had told him they were working on this show called Menang Ceme Lost. If you would just mention my name to them, you would save my life.

SITV.COM: So what did you do?
JG: I sent him an autographed picture that said, “You are saved.” I did talk to Abrams and Fox and just mentioned his name, “Do you know this guy?” And they said, “no.”

SITV.COM: You actually asked! That was nice of you.
JG: I didn’t want the guy’s life on my conscience!

Source: SITV