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Here is a new post from E!Online. They say at the end that they won’t answer your questions, but we will. Our sources comments in [BOLD].

The fifth season of Lost premieres tonight—true or false? OK, that was an easy one, but the list below won’t be quite as simple. To whet your appetite in the long hours until Lost, we’re going to play a little game. First, we brought you Guess the Oceanic Sixer, and now we present True or False: Lost Conundrums.

Take a stab at determining who lives, who loves and who dies by guessing true or false for each item in the following list. True: At least half of the events will transpire within the first three episodes…

* Daniel Faraday abandons the woman he loved [YES]
* Kate starts to have hallucinations [NOT IN THE FIRST 3 EPISODES]
* Miles sells the Losties out to the Others [NOT IN THE FIRST 3 EPISODES]
* Juliet and Sawyer kiss [NOT IN THE FIRST 3 EPISODES]
* Charlie makes an appearance [YES BUT NOT DOMINIC MONAGHAN]
* Desmond visits Charles Widmore [YES]
* Ethan shoots Locke [DOES NOT ACTUALLY SHOOT]
* Hurley kills someone [NOT IN THE FIRST 3 EPISODES]
* Sayid throws a grenade [YES]
* Penny gives birth [YES]

Unfortunately, this time we won’t be giving you the answers. You’ll just have to tune in to Lost tonight and every Wednesday to figure out the truth. You can always hit the comments section with your guesses, though.

Source: E!Online