New Filming Report

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Maddy who recently returned from vacation on the Island and has sent me this report.

Hey Dark!

Went to Waimea falls today (Sawyer and Kate’s waterfall) and started talking to the lifeguard there about Lost.

He told us they filmed a scene there a couple weeks ago with Jack, Kate and Hurley.

Jack dives from the top of the waterfall (Jacks stunt double is also the lifeguards friend) and he swims over to Hurley, whos sitting on the side playing guitar… There’s also a floating guitar case. Then he swims over to a MAYBE unconscious Kate. Suddenly, Jin comes out of the jungle holding a gun and wearing a DHARMA jumpsuit. Jacks says “Jin?” ANd then Jin lowers the gun looking confused.

Also, when I took the Lost tour, we came across them setting up the dock with the sub. They were putting the old lights back on it, and making the island look like its in rough shape.

Source: Maddy @ DarkUFO