Sky One – Season 5 Revealed

Update: 17:00 Thanks to Paul for this little bit I missed on first viewing.

Miles wearing a DI Jumpsuit as well. 10 mins in, it’s a scene being filmed where Sawyer is talking to Miles, (the camera man is wearing a blue bandana) It has his name as Miles but I can’t make out what his job title is.

Update: 16:00 If anyone else who has seen this has remembered anything else that I have forgotten please let me know in the comments or by emailing me and I’ll update the bullet points. And even better if anyone can record it I can host it on our server.

As we previously mentioned Sky One show host Iain Lee got to visit the set of Lost and they produced a nice 20 minute video in preparation of Season 5 starting here in the UK. Below are some of the key points from my memory. We’ll try to somehow get a recording of this for those in the USA to see.

Scenes shown in background
Dharma Shoot with O6 in DI Jumpsuits
Kate and Jack get out of Dharma Van driven by Hurley. Looks like they turn up after joining the Dharma Initiative. They have the flower necklaces that new joiners received in The Man Behind the Curtain.
They enter the “Processing Center” in New Otherville
Some photos of Sun with cuts and bruises on her face
Sun getting out of a little boat on the island
Scene with Ben and Sun in the Jungle with what looks like Frank Lapidus.

Other things to note
None of the cast know how S5 will end
Jack Bender knows how Lost will end
Interview with Josh Holloway, talks briefly about his other woman and thinks Kate should be with Jack.
Interview with Evangeline Lilly talks about the triangle and thinks she will end up with Jack.
Interview with Matthew Fox in his Workman DI Suit
Interview with Ben who is covered in cuts and brusises and talks about some shocking scenes
Interview with Jorge Garcia
Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell
Interview with Naveen Andrews confirms Episode 5.10 is Sayid centric
Interview with Henry Ian Cusick confirms there will be baby Desmond
Interview with Yunjin Kim
Little feature on the Love Triangle

Source: DarkUFO